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Guild of Photographers – Workflow

Guild of Photographers - Workflow This episode we look at workflow. The idea being everything after taking the picture right up to delivering your images to the client and everything in-between this. Some technical content is included in this. Link is below - you...

the guild of photographers

Guild of Photographers – Backups

Guild of Photographers - Backups During the lockdown it's always a good thing to improve your knowledge and this webinar was for all photographers who struggle with backing up their machines and images and knowing what constitutes a good backup and where to start....

the guild of photographers

Workflow is the Key

Workflow is the key. What is meant when we say workflow? From my point of view its how we deal with the pictures we create from the point we press the shutter to the point we deliver to the client and possibly after that. This is my workflow. Hopefully by seeing...

DJI Copilot

The Importance of Backups

Ok, so you've just finished editing possibly the best wedding of your career. The location was awesome, the lighting was perfect, you had a photogenic, bride and groom and inspiration. You go to take one last look at your photos on the external hard drive and ………...

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